Building To Benefit

Energy consumption is a major cost to most companies. While many businesses give a lot of thought to efficiency savings within their internal processes, they often miss the huge opportunity of focusing on their operational costs.

Significantly reducing energy overheads is the equivalent of increasing sales, and can often be subsidised or paid for over a long period of time making it one of the easiest ways to increase your company profits.

At NPS SOLAR we are committed to saving you money through the implementation and use of energy saving technologies. Doing this allows your business to reduce energy usage, lower costs and increase your profit margins.

Building For The Future

Saving money and improving energy efficiency will improve your profit margins, but there are many secondary benefits.

As well as improving your green credentials, we can enable you to enhance your work environment through intelligent use of heating, lighting which will improve your workforces productivity and well being.

Building Energy Independence

At NPS SOLAR we can enable you to conserve energy and fight back against rising energy prices. With the “big six” energy companies raising prices year on year sometimes as much as 16%, we can help your company to become more energy independent and mitigate these rising costs.

Incorporating key technologies today can protect properties against the rising costs of energy, as well as taking greener steps to a cleaner future.

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