EV Charge points for the home – Speed and Convenience

Fast charge your car at home

If you are an electric or hybrid vehicle owner, then installing a charge point at your home has many advantages over using a standard 3 point plug

  • Safety – Charging stations have their own have its own dedicated electrical spur and incorporates a range of safety devices and features to ensure maximum safety while charging an EV
  • Fast Charge – Charging stations run at 7kW-22kW compared to 3.7kW with a typical 3 point plug. Charge your vehicle in half the time.
  • Charge scheduling – Some stations incorporate intelligent schedulers allowing you to charge your vehicle with off-peak energy rates, saving you money.
  • Energy monitoring – See exactly how much it is costing you to run your vehicle.
  • Weatherproof – The “Blue Commando” standard ensures that your station is weatherproof.

The best thing about installing a electric car home charging point is the the UK government will subsidise the installation through their OLEV scheme. This could save you £500 on the cost of installation.

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