Keep your solar panels running efficiently

At NPS every solar panel we install is covered by remote monitoring and a maintenance scheme. But if you have had solar panels installed and are having problems or believe that they are not functioning at 100% we can help.

This can involve either a one off visit for a specific problem, or as an annual maintenance contract that includes:

  1. System performance check
  2. Remote monitoring of system
  3. Deep clean of entire system
  4. Invertor testing/replacement
  5. Fan housing replacement
  6. Replacement of cracked panels

Generally solar panels will work for 50 years with regular upkeep with only the invertor needing to be replaced every 5-10 years depending on model.

Whilst Solar Panels are low maintenance, but as with any technology regular checks and upkeep make sure that the system is working at 100%.

At NPS we can help you to repair and maintain your solar panels for decades to come.

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