LED lighting

Save 85% on your lighting costs

Switching to LED lighting doesn’t mean you need to fall behind on your operating costs. By choosing LED bulbs over conventional lighting, you will save up to 85% on what you normally pay for energy whilst being sustainable at the same time.

When we are asked about the advantages of commercial and industrial LED lighting, we always make it a priority to talk about the energy efficiency of solid-state lighting that drastically reduces your power bill.

You are in business to make money, not spend it foolishly, and LED lighting technology is the place to start.

Why LED for Business

  1. LED lights are durable, reliable and is relatively maintenance free when compared to traditional lighting.
  2. LED lighting has an extremely low carbon footprint and is consistent with government initiatives towards a green economy. This means you can have sustainable energy in your commercial property for less money!
  3. LED lighting offers a solution for literally any business need, from lighting an office or passageway, to grounds and safety illumination to spotlights on showcase pieces.
  4. Today’s LED lighting technology provides the full spectrum of colour.
  5. This type of lighting can last as long as two decades before LED lamps need to be replaced.

Start saving today

It’s not just industrial properties/warehouses that our LED lighting is great for. Offices, councils, sports facilities, schools, retailers and buildings within the hospitality sector have switched to industrial LED lighting and are benefitting from the money-saving way to enjoy sustainable energy.

By moving from standard, costly industrial lighting to commercial LED lighting, you will significantly reduce your overhead. Let us show you just how much you can save. For more information on the benefits of commercial LED lighting, contact us today.