Solar Panels – The future of energy


Solar Panels or photovoltaics (PV’s) convert the sun’s energy into electricity, which is then used by residential and commercial properties to reduce the amount of electricity used from “the grid”, and lower energy bills.

There are many benefits to installing solar panels:

  • Reduce your energy costs. Solar cells even produce electricity on cloudy days, so your energy costs will be reduced for many years after the initial installation.
  • Reduce your carbon emissions. Solar is a green, renewable source of energy and does not produce pollutants like carbon dioxide. A stereotypical home installation will save nearly a tonne of CO2 a year, and a commercial install will save many, many times this amount.
  • Make money. You can sell excess electricity you create back to the grid using the governments feed in tariff scheme.
  • An investment for the future. The “Big 6” energy companies are charging more and more year after year. This is an upward trend that is unlikely to change. The beauty of solar panels is that we know how much energy will be created and at what price for decades to come, giving you fixed energy costs.

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